Welcome to Rime!

Voices you can trust, in real-time

Rime provides speech synthesis technologies that perfectly balance quality, customizability, and speed for building conversational applications. With Rime you can:

  • Pick from an extremely wide number of voices across many different demographic categories.
  • Customize the performance of the speech that’s synthesized using linguistically-aware markup.
  • Synthesize speech at sub-200 millisecond speeds.

Getting Started

Every user gets 50,000 characters free every month. To kick off your exploration:

  • Sign up or sign in to your Rime account using Google or Github OAuth.
  • Generate an API Key
  • Check out your Dashboard to start generating lifelike speech with Rime.

How to use the API

The left navigation of this docs page will have reference code examples for using Rime’s TTS API. We have organized them so you can easily see how different audio formats and different response formats, i.e. streaming vs. non-streaming are accessed.