Homographwordidexample sentence
abstractabstract_adj-nouI like abstract art.
abstractabstract_vrbI want to abstract away from the detail.
abuseabuse_nouI won’t put up with this abuse.
abuseabuse_vrbDon’t abuse animals.
abusesabuses_nouThese abuses are appalling.
abusesabuses_vrbShe abuses alcohol.
addictaddict_nouHe became an addict.
addictaddict_vrbThose drugs can addict you.
advocateadvocate_nouI am an advocate for mental health.
advocateadvocate_vrbI advocate for free speech.
affectaffect_nou-psyHe had a strange affect.
affectaffectThat doesn’t affect our plans.
affiliateaffiliate_nouThey’re a branch affiliate.
affiliateaffiliate_vrbI don’t generally affiliate with them.
agedaged_adjHe was quite aged.
agedagedHe had aged slowly over the years.
aggregateaggregate_adj-nouI like his work in the aggregate.
aggregateaggregate_vrbI want to aggregate all the files together.
alternatealternate_adj-nouI was on the team as an alternate.
alternatealternate_vrbWe should alternate between me and you.
analysesanalyses_nouI read his analyses closely.
analysesanalyses_vrbShe analyses things carefully.
animateanimate_adj-nouThere wasn’t a single animate creature in the area.
animateanimate_vrbI tried to animate the scene.
appropriateappropriate_adjThat behavior is not appropraite.
appropriateappropriate_vrbWe decided to appropriate the funds for our own purposes.
approximateapproximate_adj-nouThe approximate distance to the nearest city is 50 miles.
approximateapproximate_vrbI want you to approximate the answer.
articulatearticulate_adjHe was quite articulate.
articulatearticulate_vrbShe could articulate her thoughts clearly during the presentation.
associateassociate_adj-nouHe was an associate professor.
associateassociate_vrbI associate summer with vacations and relaxation.
attributeattribute_nouThat is my favorite attribute of his.
attributeattribute_vrbThey attribute their success to hard work and perseverance.
axesaxes_nouThe graph has axes for both the x and y variables.
axesaxes_nou-vrbHe bought some axes for the forrestry service.
bassbassHe plays the bass guitar in the band.
bassbass_corpI cought a bass in the lake.
blessedblessed_adjThe blessed reverand led the service.
blessedblessed_vrbWe feel blessed to have such supportive friends.
bolognabologna_geoI would love to visit bologna italy.
bolognabolognaDo you want mustard or mayo on your bologna sandwich?
bowbow_nou-knotHe made a bow with a ribbon for the gift.
bowbow_nou-shipI walked to the bow if the ship.
buffetbuffet_nouWe enjoyed a delicious buffet at the party.
buffetbuffet_vrbThey tried to buffet us with questions.
celticceltic_adj-nou-sportsThe Celtic culture has a rich history of myths and legends.
celticcelticThe Celtic guards are the best in the nba.
closeclose_adj-nouWe were very close to winning.
closeclose_vrbPlease close the door.
combinecombine_nouI drove a combine on the farm.
combinecombine_vrbLet’s combine our efforts to finish the project faster.
compactcompact_adj-nouThe apartment is compact but cozy.
compactcompact_vrbWe tried to compact the trash into a manageable size.
compoundcompound_nouThe compound is made up of several buildings.
compoundcompound_vrbOur problems started to compound.
compresscompress_nouI put a cold compress on his arm.
compresscompress_vrbYou can compress the file to save space.
conductconduct_nouI approve of their conduct.
conductconduct_vrbThe manager will conduct interviews for the new position.
confinesconfines_nouThe garden is within the confines of the castle walls.
confinesconfines_vrbShe confines her birds in a small cage.
conflictconflict_nouThey were in conflict over how to proceed with the project.
conflictconflict_vrbSometimes priorities conflict with each other.
conglomerateconglomerate_adj-nouThe company is a conglomerate of various smaller businesses.
conglomerateconglomerate_vrbThe telephone companies started to conglomerate.
conjugateconjugate_adj-nouWe learned which word was a conjugate of the other.
conjugateconjugate_vrbThese two verbs conjugate similarly in Spanish.
conscriptconscript_nouI started out as a simple conscript.
conscriptconscript_vrbThe attemped to conscript reluctant citizens.
consoleconsole_nouThe gaming console offers a wide range of entertainment options.
consoleconsole_vrbI want to console the people who are worried.
consortconsort_nouShe is the consort of the king.
consortconsort_vrbI don’t usually consort with that sort of person.
constructconstruct_nouMoney is a social construct.
constructconstruct_vrbThey plan to construct a new building downtown.
consummateconsummate_adjShe is a consummate professional in her field.
consummateconsummate_vrbThey planned to consummate the marriage.
contentcontent_adj-nou-vrbI felt content with the result.
contentcontent_nouShe tried to create more content for her channel.
contestcontest_nouI won the contest.
contestcontest_vrbThe decided to contest the decision.
contractcontract_nouThey signed a contract to seal the deal.
contractcontract_vrbI don’t want to contract any diseases.
contrastcontrast_nouThe contrast between the two paintings is striking.
contrastcontrast_vrbWe’re going to compare and contrast the two films.
converseconverse_adj-nouLet’s consider the converse proposition.
converseconverse_vrbLet’s converse about something more uplifting.
convertconvert_nouI was a new convert to the religion.
convertconvert_vrbWe need to convert the measurements into metric units.
convictconvict_nouThe convict swore he was innocent.
convictconvict_vrbThe jury voied to convict the man.
coordinatecoordinate_adj-nouHe charted the numbers on a coordinate plane.
coordinatecoordinate_vrbThe teams need to coordinate their efforts for success.
correlatecorrelate_nouThe money was just a correlate of our success.
correlatecorrelate_vrbThese two variables correlate positively.
decreasedecrease_nouThe decrease in temperature was noticeable overnight.
decreasedecrease_vrbI tried to decrease the number of problems.
defectdefect_nouThere’s a defect in this product; we need to fix it.
defectdefect_vrbShe wanted to defect from the military.
degeneratedegenerate_nouHe worried he would become a degenerate.
degeneratedegenerate_vrbThe situation might degenerate into chaos.
delegatedelegate_nouI was voted to become a delegate to the assembly.
delegatedelegate_vrbHe will delegate the task to someone else.
deliberatedeliberate_adjIt was a deliberate act of sabotage.
deliberatedeliberate_vrbThey will deliberate on the matter before making a decision.
desertdesert_nouI visited the sahara desert.
desertdesert_vrbDon’t desert your teammates!
deviatedeviate_nouHe was considered a deviate in the conservative society.
deviatedeviate_vrbShe tends to deviate from the main topic in conversations.
diagnosesdiagnoses_nouThe diagnoses were inconclusive, so more tests are needed.
diagnosesdiagnoses_vrbThe doctor diagnoses people as part of the job.
diffusediffuse_adjThere was a diffuse sense of mistrust.
diffusediffuse_vrbThe essential oils diffuse slowly throughout the room.
discarddiscard_nouPut it in the discard pile.
discarddiscard_vrbPlease discard any expired items from the pantry.
dischargedischarge_nouThere was a fluid discharge valve in the machine.
dischargedischarge_vrbThe factory is required to discharge its waste responsibly.
discountdiscount_nouThere’s a discount on all items in the store today.
discountdiscount_vrbI dont discount the possibility that we’re wrong.
documentdocument_nouI misplaced the document.
documentdocument_vrbMake sure to document all your expenses for reimbursement.
dovedove_nouA dove landed gracefully on the windowsill.
dovedove_vrbHe dove from the side of the building.
duplicateduplicate_adj-nouThe duplicate was not as good as the original.
duplicateduplicate_vrbBe careful not to duplicate your efforts unnecessarily.
elaborateelaborate_adjIt was an elaborate ruse.
elaborateelaborate_vrbPlease elaborate on your plans for the project.
entranceentrance_nouThe grand entrance to the palace was breathtaking.
entranceentrance_vrbThey entrance the audience with their performance.
escortescort_nouHe were serving as my escort.
escortescort_vrbPlease escort yourself from the room.
estimateestimate_nouCan you give me an estimate of how long it will take?
estimateestimate_vrbI was trying to estimate the damage.
excuseexcuse_nouHe had to come up with a believable excuse for his absence.
excuseexcuse_vrbYou history doesn’t excuse your behavior.
expatriateexpatriate_nouAn expatriate may find it challenging to adjust to a new culture.
expatriateexpatriate_vrbHe chose to expatriate to pursue better job opportunities.
exploitexploit_nouWe found an exploit in the system.
exploitexploit_vrbThey tried to exploit the natural resources of the region.
exportexport_nouIron ore is their main export.
exportexport_vrbThe country decided to export more goods to boost its economy.
exposeexpose_nouThe journalist published the expose.
exposeexpose_vrbThe journalist decided to expose the corruption in government.
extractextract_nouThe vanilla extract made the cookies delicious.
extractextract_vrbThey use a special technique to extract oil from the ground.
fragmentfragment_nouThe museum displayed a fragment of the ancient artifact.
fragmentfragment_vrbThe cohesion of the group started to fragment.
frequentfrequent_adjHe was a frequent visitor to the local library.
frequentfrequent_vrbThey frequent this pub increasing regularity.
graduategraduate_adj-nouThe graduate student gave a presentation.
graduategraduate_vrbHe was proud to finally graduate from university.
househouse_nouThey built a new house on the hilltop.
househouse_vrbWe try to house the poor.
impactimpact_nouThe impact of the crash was felt throughout the neighborhood.
impactimpact_vrbThe meteors impact the moon with some frequency.
implantimplant_nouher body rejected the implant.
implantimplant_vrbThe dentist will implant a new tooth next week.
implementimplement_nouHe brandished a sharp implement.
implementimplement_vrbThey needed to implement new safety measures in the factory.
importimport_nouTextiles are their major import.
importimport_vrbThe country needs to import more food to meet demand.
incenseincense_nouThe aroma of incense filled the room during the meditation session.
incenseincense_vrbHe didn’t mean to incense her with his comments.
inclineincline_nouHe started up the steep incline.
inclineincline_vrbThe road began to incline steeply as they approached the mountain.
increaseincrease_nouThe fast increase in inflation was surprising.
increaseincrease_vrbThey decided to increase the budget for the project.
incrementincrement_nouThe increment in salary was a welcome surprise.
incrementincrement_vrbThe tally of the participants began to increment upward.
initiateinitiate_nouThe initiate was still trying to learn the rules.
initiateinitiate_vrbThey wanted to initiate a new policy to improve workplace safety.
insertinsert_nouThere was a cardboard insert in the book.
insertinsert_vrbPlease insert your card into the ATM machine.
instrumentinstrument_nouThe violin is a beautiful instrument.
instrumentinstrument_vrbHe tried to instrument the coup.
insultinsult_nouHis words were an unintentional insult to her intelligence.
insultinsult_vrbPlease don’t insult my intelligence.
interchangeinterchange_nouThe interchange between cultures enriched their understanding.
interchangeinterchange_vrbThey decided to interchange their roles for the day.
intimateintimate_adjThey shared an intimate moment by the fireplace.
intimateintimate_vrbI didn’t mean to intimate that you were incompetent.
intrigueintrigue_nouShe couldn’t resist the intrigue of the mysterious package.
intrigueintrigue_vrbThe accumulation of evidence started to intrigue me.
invalidinvalid_adjThe password you entered is invalid.
invalidinvalid_nouThat’s the ward for invalids.
inviteinvite_nouI already sent him an invite.
inviteinvite_vrbThey decided to invite her to the party.
isolateisolate_nouBasque is a language isolate.
isolateisolateThey needed to isolate the problem before it spread.
jesusjesusMany people believe in the teachings of Jesus.
jesusjesus_esJesus Romero is my friend.
jobjob_bibleHe was afflicted like Job in the bible.
jobjobFinding a job in this economy is challenging.
laminatelaminate_nouI laid down some new laminate flooring.
laminatelaminate_vrbThey chose to laminate the important documents for protection.
leadlead_nouThe cast the statue in lead.
leadlead_nou-vrbHe was chosen to lead the team to victory.
learnedlearned_adjI studied the learned tomes.
learnedlearned_vrbShe learned to swim at the age of five.
livelive_adjWe are broadcasting live.
livelive_vrbThey decided to live in the countryside for a quieter life.
liveslives_nouMy cat has more than nine lives.
liveslives_vrbHe lives in the city while his brother lives in the suburbs.
minuteminute_adjThe minute details of the plan were crucial to its success.
minuteminuteCould you spare a minute?
misusemisuse_nouShe felt hurt by the misuse of her trust.
misusemisuse_vrbHe didn’t mean to misuse the company’s resources.
mobilemobileThe mobile phone revolutionized communication.
mobilemobile_geoI live in Mobile, Alabama.
mobilemobile_nou-artThe mobile dangled from the ceiling.
moderatemoderate_adj-nouThe forum serves as a moderate space for discussion.
moderatemoderate_vrbThey decided to moderate their spending habits.
mopedmoped_nouShe rode her moped to work every day.
mopedmoped_vrbHe moped around the house after his breakup.
mouthmouth_nouPlease close your mouth while chewing.
mouthmouth_vrbShe tried to mouth the answer to him from the audience.
nestlenestle_namI like to eat Nestle Crunch bars.
nestlenestle_vrbThe mother bird will nestle her chicks under her wing.
objectobject_nouThe main object of the game is to collect all the gems.
objectobject_vrbDo you object to my presence here?
ornamentornament_nouShe carefully hung each ornament on the tree.
ornamentornament_vrbI want to ornament the room festively.
overthrowoverthrow_nouThe overthrow of the government was peaceful.
overthrowoverthrow_vrbThe citizens staged a protest to overthrow the dictator.
pastypasty_adjHis pasty skin indicated that he was sick.
pastypasty_nouShe ate a pasty for lunch.
perfectperfect_adjThe painting was a perfect likeness of the landscape.
perfectperfect_vrbI want to perfect my sales pitch.
perfumeperfume_nouShe wore her favorite perfume for the special occasion.
perfumeperfume_vrbThey often perfume the showroom to entice people to buy.
permitpermit_nouYou need a permit to park in this area.
permitpermit_vrbWe don’t permit smoking here.
pervertpervert_nouHe was a known pervert who harassed women on the street.
pervertpervert_vrbThe teacher caught the student trying to pervert the truth.
pigmentpigment_nouThe pigment in the paint faded over time.
pigmentpigment_vrbShe will pigment the canvas.
polishpolish_geoI like Polish food.
polishpolishHe used a cloth to polish his shoes.
postulatepostulate_nouThe postulate was in dispute.
postulatepostulate_vrbHe couldn’t help but postulate about the future.
precipitateprecipitate_adj-nouThe chemist collected the precipitate from the beaker.
precipitateprecipitate_vrbThe dark clouds precipitate rain.
predicatepredicate_nouThe premise of the argument is the predicate of the conclusion.
predicatepredicate_vrbWe predicate our success on our hard work.
presentpresent_adj-nouI gave my brother a present.
presentpresent_vrbShe wrapped the gift and prepared to present it.
produceproduce_nouThe produce section of the store was flooded.
produceproduce_vrbFarmers work hard to produce crops every year.
progressprogress_nouShe made significant progress in her recovery.
progressprogress_vrbI want to progress to a later stage in the game.
projectproject_nouThe project was put on hold.
projectproject_vrbI project that we will turn a profit in two months.
protestprotest_nouThe workers staged a protest outside the factory gates.
protestprotest_vrbThe lady doth protest too much.
readread_pastHe read the letter with a furrowed brow.
readread_presentShe likes to read mystery novels in her free time.
rebelrebel_nouHe was known as a rebel in his youth.
rebelrebel_vrbThey will likely rebel against the ruling order.
recordrecord_nouI showed him my record collection.
recordrecord_vrbShe made sure to record all her expenses in her budget.
recountrecount_nouThe decided to carry out a recount of the votes.
recountrecount_vrbShe decided to recount the events of the day to her friend.
refundrefund_nouThe store offered a refund for the defective product.
refundrefund_vrbPlease refund me my money.
refuserefuse_nouThe refuse trailed behind them.
refuserefuse_vrbHe would refuse to eat his vegetables as a child.
rejectreject_nouI consider him a political reject.
rejectreject_vrbThe committee will reject any proposals that don’t meet the criteria.
rereleaserereleaseThe album is actually a rerelease.
rereleasererelease_vrbThe company plans to rerelease the classic film in theaters.
resumeresume_nouI updated my resume.
resumeresume_vrbAfter the break, he will resume his studies.
retardretard_nouThe bully called me a retard.
retardretard_vrbThe teacher didn’t want to retard the progress of her students.
rodeorodeo_geoI went shopping on Rodeo Drive.
rodeorodeoThey attended the annual rodeo in their town.
rowrow_oneI’m putting my ducks in a row.
rowrow_twoThe argument led to a full-on row.
sakesake_jpShe drank sake for the first time at the Japanese restaurant.
sakesakeHe brought up the idea for the sake of argument.
separateseparate_adjI have to separate sinks in my bathroom.
separateseparate_vrbThey decided to separate after years of marriage.
sowsow_nouThe sow produced a large litter or pigs.
sowsowplease don’t sow discord in this chatroom.
subjectsubject_adj-nouThe professor taught a course on the subject of psychology.
subjectsubject_vrbI was subject to numerous experiments.
subordinatesubordinate_adj-nouHe was demoted to a subordinate position within the company.
subordinatesubordinate_vrbI subordinate my desires in order to get work done.
supplementsupplement_nouThe doctor recommended taking a calcium supplement.
supplementsupplement_vrbWe should supplement our diet with more iron.
suspectsuspect_adj-nouThe suspect was interrogated.
suspectsuspect_vrbThey suspect foul play in the disappearance of the painting.
syndicatesyndicate_nouThe syndicate controlled most of the city’s underground activities.
syndicatesyndicate_vrbIf they syndicate our tv show, we’ll make millions.
teartear_nouA tear rolled down the child’s cheek.
teartear_vrbTear down the wall.
transformtransform_nouHe used some sort of mathematical transform.
transformtransformThey hoped the therapy would transform his behavior.
transplanttransplant_nouHe received a kidney transplant from his sister.
transplanttransplant_vrbThey decided to transplant the flowers into larger pots.
transporttransport_nouPublic transport is pretty important.
transporttransport_vrbThey hired a company to transport their belongings to the new house.
upsetupset_nouThe team pulled off the upset.
upsetupset_vrbShe was upset by the news of her friend’s illness.
usesuses_nouThe uses of this tool are varied and diverse.
usesuses_vrbShe uses a lot of spices in her cooking.
useuse_nouShe couldn’t find a use for the old vase.
useuse_vrbI use a computer for my job.
windwind_nouThe wind rustled through the trees on a breezy day.
windwind_vrbLet me wind up this clock real quick.
windswinds_nouThe winds of change blew through the community.
windswinds_vrbIf she winds up the winner, i’ll be surprised.
woundwound_nou-vrbHe received a wound to his arm during the accident.
woundwound_vrbThey wound their way through the narrow streets of the old city.